Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wipocalypse 2018 - Focus to Finish

Wow. It's been... oh... 10+ years since I've owned a blog. People still do this, I've found. Lots of people.  I have some work to do to catch up, so please bear with the chaos for a bit.

In all honesty, I started this blog a year ago. Almost to the day. I thought a blog would be a great add-on to my Flosstube channel. The more social media the better, right?  Funny how this page just languished into... ohhhh... nothing.  But, it's about to change for 2018! Yessiree!  Let's start, shall we?


I have a LOT of WIPs, guys.  I mean, a LOT. I know that some people have more, but man. I'm running out of room to store stuff.  So, when someone (could have been a Flosstuber, could have been on a Facebook group - I'm not even sure at this point) mentioned the blog event "Wipocalypse" and then mentioned that it expanded into a Facebook group, well... I had to check it out! And here we are.

I've picked about 12 projects that will be a focus to finish in 2018. Some are pieces I've had for several years, some are projects that I just really want to get done, and some are so close to finishing that it's just silly NOT to finish them.

1. BrewHaHa (freebie) from Plum Street Samplers.  I started this project in October, 2017 for Tracy P's birthday stitch-a-long. I'm stitching this in-hand (my first time) on an aida I dyed myself using frozen blueberries. FOR SCIENCE!

2. Peacock Majesty from Just Nan.  I purchased this OOP chart, fully kitted on eBay for a steal! I started this in May 2016 and literally never worked on it again.  WHY? FOR WHAT REASON?? Doesn't matter... it's getting done this year.

3.  Give Thanks by My Big Toe Designs featured in the September/October 2010 Just CrossStitch.  I've converted all the colors. Until I ran out of one. That was a bummer.

4. Coffee Quaker by Heartstring Samplery. Apparently I need to drink more coffee before I finish this thing.

5.  The Bird Keeper by the Goode Huswife.  I love this chart. I paid a pretty penny for it, too. Bird Lady needs to make it to my wall, and quick, before the designer releases her again! (HA! I jest! YAY FOR LISA RE-RELEASING HER PATTERNS!)

6.  Spirit of Christmas by Lizzie*Kate.  I swore I would keep up with this one. And then I started it on the wrong orientation. And after re-starting it I was made.  Just call me Scrooge.  It's a gorgeous design, though, and I can't wait to finish it up before the holidays this year!

7. In the Meadow - found in Just CrossStitch December 2002 (I think). I started this project when the magazine came out, and my dog ate it. Literally. I restarted this in 2016. I loved it in 2002 and I love it today.  It's time to pull this out of the WIP pile and finish it.

8.  Kindred Spirits by The Primitive Needle.  I'm using HDF silks for this one, plus it's an OOP chart. I think it's like a unicorn.

9.  Spring Has Sprung by Count Your Blessings.  The chart and fabric (Fabrics by LJ) were part of Heather Stitches Year of Giving in 2016.  I subbed out several threads because I didn't have them in my stash when I started this project. I like the pillow finish on the front. I'll probably do that.

10.  2004 Prairie Schooler Santa.  Started this on 12/24/16 with a fellow stitcher. It's our Christmas Eve thang now, which I love. I DON'T love that she finished hers and *I* didn't. I'm a slacker.

11. 2007 Prairie Schooler Santa.  Started on 12/24/17 AND I'M KILLING IT!  But we decided to change out the scarf, and I had an idea, and that idea requires a thread purchase which hasn't been made it.  My friend called me an over-achiever.  But take a look at #10. Clearly that isn't the case.

12.  12 Days (freebie) from Plum Street Samplers. I started this when it was released at the end of... 2015?  Yep, pretty sure that's right. This year I finished the 7th and 8th day.  I'm determined to have this displayed somewhere before next Christmas. The 3rd year is a charm, right?

13.  We can count other crafts, right? I hope so, because this Weigh-It shawl has been languishing all year. I think I started it at the end of 2016, but I can't even be sure. It's aaaaaaaalmost halfway done. It's all knitting.  I mean, ALL KNIT STITCH.  Maybe I can finish it and still wear it this season. It's been darn cold in the midwest. I could use some yarn-y goodness.

14. Speaking of yarn-y goodness, this is going to be my first Sockhead hat. I was going to start it tonight, but out of the 5 bajillion knitting needles I have, I couldn't scare up the ones needed to cast on.  Thankfully KnitPicks is open at night. #onlineshoppingisthebest

15. BONUS/NOT PICTURED:  I have this king-size quilt top that has been folded up in my craft room since 2008, easy. It's time for me to finally but the borders on (if I even need them... this quilt is YUGE), pick out some backing fabric, slap it on the long-arm and get it quilted.  My quilting friends shame me often because they remember when I started it. It's kind of a big deal. I'll give it it's own blog post when I finish it. IN 2018!

Okay, that's it. Those are my focus pieces for 2018. Obviously I'll be stitching on other things. I've got several SAL's I'm participating in, and a new start or two may crop up. But I'm REALLY excited about these projects.  Also, I'm pretty committed to FFO'ing some stuff this year. I have zero cross-stitch on my walls.


Happy New Year, friends! May 2018 find us all in abundance of DMC, crafty time and coffee!