Monday, May 11, 2020

Stitch Maynia 2020: Days 6-10

Hey stitchers!

Well, here we are! I'm half-way through my 20 starts in 2020 goal and I feel good! Stitching every day has been good for my soul, and I've really missed it. Due to my work schedule and hectic home-life, it's not uncommon for me to go straight to bed instead of picking up my needle and thread at night. Stitch Maynia this year has helped me stay calm, focused, and start some projects that were begging for attention!

It's been a productive few days - let's get into what I've been stitching!

Wednesday, May 6th:
Chart: Home Needlebook Kit by La-D-Da
Fabric: 32 ct linen included in kit
Threads: DMC, as charted and provided in the kit

Thursday, May 7th:
Chart: The Stitching Bee by Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 30ct Portobello linen included in kit
Threads: Classic Colorworks, as charted and provided in the kit

Friday, May 8th:
Chart: Sweetheart Sampler by Blackbird Designs
Fabric: 32ct February Prim by Ships Manor
Threads: The Gentle Art, as charted

Saturday, May 9th:
Chart: Eliza's Needlebook by Summer House Stitche Workes - available in my shop!
Fabric: 14ct perforated paper
Threads: As charted, The Gentle Art Wool threads

Sunday, May 10th:
Chart: Broderie Coeur by Summer House Stitche Workes - available in my shop!
Fabric: 32ct Country French Cafe Mocha linen
Threads: 2 over 2 - Weeks Dye Works, Red Rocks

On to the next! Hope you all are having an amazing Maynia, no matter how you do it!

Stay Stitchy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Stitch Maynia 2020: May 1 - May 5th

Hey stitchers!

I cannot believe it's already May. 2020 has proven to be... something! I'm trying to keep a positive outlook during these times of uncertainty. Because I was able to transition to a virtual environment for work, and because my kiddos are home with me participating in distance learning, I thought I'd give Maynia a whirl this year!

My goal is 20 starts in the first 20 days of May.

If you're stumbling your way to this blog, I hope you'll give my YouTube channel a try!

Without further ado, let's get into what I've been stitching!

Friday, May 1st:
Chart: Ode to the Ort No. 2 by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle And Thread
Fabric: 28ct Mushroom Lugana
Threads: as charted

Saturday, May 2nd:
Chart: Pussy Willows by Barbie Tingley of Petal Pusher (available in my Etsy shop)
Fabric: 28ct random linen from my stash
Threads: as charted

Sunday, May 3rd:
Chart: HallowEden by Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers
Fabric: 28ct Nessie from Picture This Plus
Threads: my own conversion from charted Crescent Colorworks

  • Khaki Mocha = Classic Colorworks Sunkissed
  • Stepping Stones = as charted
  • Avocado = as charted
  • Brandied Pears = GAST Nutmeg
  • Candy Corn = Classic Colorworks Glazed Carrots
  • Hickory Sticks = Classic Colorworks Sticks & Twigs
  • Gingersnap = GAST Summer Meadow
  • German Chocolate = GAST Old Red Paint
  • Tennessee Red Clay = GAST Faded Rose

Monday, May 4th:
Chart: Personal is Political by Michelle Garrette of Bendy Stitchy Designs (available in my Etsy shop)
Fabric: 28ct linen Memory from Picture This Plus
Threads: DMC as charted

Tuesday, May 5th:
Chart: Where Flowers Bloom by Romy's Creations (available in my Etsy shop)
Fabric: 28ct Lugana in Aztec by Under The Sea Fabrics
Threads: Romy's Creations floss pack & charted Sulky threads

Hope you all are enjoying Maynia 2020!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Flosstube #91: Mid-August Update

Hi everyone! Can you believe it... another prompt "Show Notes" post! I know, I can hardly believe it either.  Yet, here we are.

  • Coffin Buzz by Plum Street Samplers (freebie). Stitched 2x2 on 32ct stone gray from Zweigart, using Brick Path by The Gentle Art.

  • The Bird Keeper by The Goode Huswife (OOP).  Stitched 1x2 using the DMC conversion, plus The Gentle Art Gold Leaf and Weeks Dye Works Autumn Leaves for the flowers on the trees.  Stitched on 36ct Vintage Country Mocha by Wichelt.

  • It's In the Bag by Noteworthy Needle (pin cushion).. Stitched on a piece of 36ct linen received in the Stitchy Box Coffee Countdown small batch box, 2x2.  Used The Gentle Art Dark Chocolate, Roasted Marshmallow and Colour & Cotton Roanoke.  Also used Delica 11/0 seed beads in Trans CL Cocolate Cherry for the coffee grounds/beans.

Works In Progress:

Other things of note:

Thanks for watching and reading! Have a great Monday!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Flosstube #89: Show Notes

Boy, time sure has gotten away from me. *POOF* Four months have come and gone. Rest assured, I'm working on getting back on track. Before I get too carried away, here are the show notes for my most recent Flosstube update!


Stitch-Con Logo – designed by Sue Hillis for Stitch-Con 2018
22ct red Hardanger
Carries Creation Elephant Gray floss

Lizzie Kate Sleds

Quaker Mail Art
28ct Monaco – coffee and tea dyed
The Gentle Art – Cinders
Classic Colorworks – Bing Cherry

New Starts:
It's In The Bag by Noteworthy Needle
32ct linen from the Coffee StitchyBox
Dark Chocolate, Roasted Marshmallow, Roanoke (Colour and Cotton)

Flosstube Retreat NJ Logo designed by Arlene Cohen of WorksBy ABC for the retreat
36ct Vintage Country Mocha from Zweigart (courtesy of Needleworkers Delight)
Variegated floss from Ingaborg (Flosstube)

Barnwood Buttons by Rosewood Manor
August Prim – Ships Manor
Classic Colorworks – Bamboo

Coffin Buzz by Plum Street Samplers (freebie)
32ct stone gray
The Gentle Art - Brick Path
#TracyPBirthdaySAL2018 on IG (Tracy's Flosstube)

Cross Stitch Nation by Heartstring Samplery
32ct Mummy Wraps from Ships Manor
Using my own colors – I’ll update colors at a different time

Other stuff mentioned:
·     PolkaDotStitchery on Facebook
·     Primitive Stitcher – Flosstube
·     MadForMinders – Etsy Shop
·     Black Cat Stitchery
·     Angela Mier – FlosstubeJen Upton - Flosstube
Emily C - Flosstube
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Thursday, March 29, 2018

March Wipocalypse Update

Did you notice that I skipped February?  Yeah, it just didn't happen.  "Blog Post" has been written on my to-do list for several weeks. I'm glad that I'm finally sitting down and taking a minute.

I have been on a finishing FRENZY, guys.  I mean, I can't focus on anything BUT finishes, it seems. New starts have been few and far between because FINISHFINISHFINISHFINISH!  I'm up to 10 stitched finishes this year (2 FFO's) and I'm so excited to share them here!

These aren't going to go in order, other than maybe "finishes" first. I'm just shootin' from the hip today, folks. Watch out!

2007 Prairie Schooler Santa
Started: 12/24/2017
Finished: 2/17/2018
Stitched on 18ct Fiddlers Aida. I converted the skin tone and used GAST wool in Portabello and Baby Spinach for all the wooly parts in the chart (scarf, mittens, yarn, stocking).

This stitched up so fast once I got started and I love every stitch! I think I want to make these into flat ornaments for the Christmas tree. I have two finished, a third started (also a Wipocalypse piece), so my hope is to get to FFO'ing soon!

Bee - Prairie Schooler
Started: 1/30/2018
FFO'd: 1/12/2018
Stitched on 32ct linen from XJuDesigns (ornament cut grab bag).  I used the called for gray/brown and used Weeks Dye Works Whiskey for the yellow.

This was a small gift exchange with LyndaJo  (PrettySouthern on YouTube). I stitched this small pillow and she gave me Francois the Fox, which I quilted into a mini wall hanging.  It's not done yet, but as soon as I finish sewing on the binding I'll be sure to share!

Stitched Mail Art
Started: Late January
Finished: Early March
Stitched on 28ct Monaco from a big box store using several hand-dyed threads from Weeks and The Gentle Art. Motif's taken from The Gift of Stitching and Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher.

I joined a stitched mail art group on Facebook and this was my first swap. I had a great time making this for my partner and it was well received. I'll definitely be joining more swaps in the future. I didn't follow a specific pattern or template when making the envelope. Being a quilter helped me with basic construction, but that didn't stop me from having to rip out seams a few times. Hey, I'm not perfect!

Kindred Spirits - The Primitive Needle (OOP)
Started: 3/17/17
Finished: 3/4/17
Stitched on 40ct Murky using HDF silks by Vikki Clayton in 5300 Black, Isle Green and Kodiak Bear.

I was just shocked with myself when I finished this.  Like, I just couldn't believe this project was finished. I DID IT!  I'm not sure why the relief was so intense... it's an enjoyable stitch and not at all difficult. Once I put my mind to it I finished it up within a week, I'd say. I need to find a spooky frame for it. Surely this will hang on my wall for all year.

12 Days - Plum Street Samplers
Started: October, 2015
Finished: 3/19/2018
Stitched on 25ct Jobelan using GAST Cherry Wine, Dried Thyme, Gold Leaf, Onyx, and WDW Gunmetal.

Another huge Wipocalypse finish!  The repetitive motifs did not bother me at all - it made the last bit of stitching go fast and it was enjoyable. I love the colors I chose and I can't wait to turn this into something fabulous for Christmas!

Sow Dry, Set Wet - Prairie Schooler 
Started: 3/19/2018
Finished: 3/20/2018
Stitched on 32ct fabric from XJuDesigns.

I finished this tiny Prairie Schooler in about 24 hours. I will be turning it into a small pillow as a gift. I used all of the charted DMC and it's dainty and perfect.

Forest Snowfall - Country Cottage Needleworks
Started: 12/27/2017
Finished: 3/25/2018
Stitched on 32ct gray/white petit point.

I started this for the #PCForestSnowfall SAL hosted by Priscilla & Chelsea on Flosstube. It wasn't a Wipocalypse piece, but it was one that I definitely wanted to get done.  I had gotten frustrated and put it down because my house was a stitch too wide.  In the grand scheme of things it didn't matter much and when I had finally gotten over being mad, I picked it up and finished it within a week. I did decide to leave off the snowflake and ivy border because the snowflakes compete with the dots on the fabric and really get lost in the background. I think this finish is awesome the way it is and I can't wait to find a cute, vintage-y looking frame to finish it in!

The Birdkeeper - The Goode Huswife
Started: 1/1/2017
Finished: n/a
Stitched on 36ct Vintage Country Mocha linen from Wichelt using a mix of DMC and GAST.

I worked on her cardi, and I stitched the tree and barn behind her. The flowers were so drab in the DMC conversion so I used Fallen Leaves and Sunflower (maybe) from The Gentle Art. I love her. She's calling me.  I may pick her up soon and focus on a finish. She deserves to be finished soon.

One Nation - Bygone Stitches
Started: May 2017, I think.
Finished: n/a
Stitched on 32ct Legacy linen by Picture this Plus, using the charted Classic Colorworks threads. I picked this out to work on during the Stitch Maynia Olympics challenge. I thought I could make a huge dent into the stripes with 20+ days of work. I made it about halfway through the challenge and had to put it away. This is a HUGE piece and the amount of stitching involved is extremely deceiving.  While this isn't a focus piece, I may pull it back out for the Independence day holiday.  In hindsight I wish I had chosen a darker fabric because, from far away, you can't really see the white stitching.  Regardless, it's a gorgeous piece and I enjoyed working on it.

And They Sinned - NEW START!
Started: 2/20/2018
Finished: n/a
Stitched on 35ct linen from Wichelt - coffee/tea dyed by me.

What can I say about this piece? I'm in love and it's going to take me 500 years to complete.  I love the colors (I'm using all of the called for GAST) and I love how it's stitching up.  You can find my progress on Instagram using the hashtag #TuesdaysWeSin.

Coffee Quaker - Heartstring Samplery
Started: April, 2017?
Finished: n/a
Stitched on 40ct Meadow Rue

I got really excited about this piece.  I completed the big brown motif, then the middle smaller one and by the time I got to the third I had burned out. I have a long, long way to go on this one. I do love stitching the quakers, though, so hopefully it will pull me back in soon. I only worked on this for a couple days before I put it back to bed.

I think that's it! This was a pretty massive update. I'm definitely going to aim to NOT skip a month again! HAHA! Thanks for reading!

*Note:  Links to patterns and details I may have forgotten here can be found in my Flosstube Show Notes posts.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Flosstube #78: Show Notes

Hi everyone! Here are the show notes for my recent Flosstube update!

Kindred Spirits by The Primitive Needle (OOP)
Birthday Swap Mail Art
12 Days by Plum Street Samplers

  • The Gentle Art: Cherry Wine, Dried Thyme, Gold Leaf, and Onyx. Weeks Dye Works: Gunmetal

Coffee Quaker by Heartstring Samplery
And They Sinned by Vilma Becklin

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Flosstube #76: Show Notes

Yep, I totally skipped #75.  Whoops. Can't win 'em all.

Where There Are Bees (small motif) - The Prairie Schooler (OOP)
Mail Art (not pictured)
2007 Santa - The Prairie Schooler (OOP)

The Bird Keeper - The Goode Huswife (OOP)
One Nation - ByGone Stitches
2004 Santa - The Prairie Schooler (OOP)

New Start:
And They Sinned - Vilma Becklin

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